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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx AMADEusCluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

Theoretical modeling at the frontier between soft matter and organic electronics #2

Open position

To reinforce the expertise of the on-site scientific community AMADEus is looking for an outstanding candidate who will complement the existing strength of the University of Bordeaux in Theoritical modeling at the frontier between soft matter and organic electronics.

The cluster AMADEus seeks, among others, a recognized expertise in the modeling of the morphology, at different scales including the molecular level, of organic materials, self-assembled architectures and interfaces of interest in the field of organic electronics. The impact of such morphologies and architectures on the electronic properties of the material and its response to external stimuli are key hurdles in the design and control of the desired materials and devices.  Working in close connection with the experimentalists and other theoreticians of the consortium, his/her mission will be to rationalize the experiments using a combination of theory and computer simulations, to establish structure-properties relationships, and to develop predictive theoretical tools providing new guidelines for material design and architecture. On campus skills include the modeling of the electronic properties of single as well as arrays of molecules, the synthesis of novel small and polymer molecules as well as their use at the basis of novel materials, and soft condensed matter expertise in self-assembly, interfacial properties, and statistical properties.

Eligible candidates are researchers meeting the following criteria:

  • Two to ten years of postdoctoral experience. This period may be extended to a maximum of twelve years upon duly justified request (maternity/paternity leave, career interruption, etc.) prior to the application;
  • Outstanding scientific record (publications, patents, etc.);
  • Applicants may not have previously held a research position at the University of Bordeaux or any other IdEx partner institution.

The successful candidates are expected to initiate or develop collaborative, interdisciplinary research with AMADEus research teams (see The desired skills will be complementary to those already existing on the campus.


Appointments will be for three years.

How to apply

Applicants are invited to submit a detailed biography and publication record together with a 5 page summary of research achievements and projects as well a list of potential referees at job opportunity ref: 2016 AMADEus 049. Applications will be considered until the position is filled.

Few candidates will be selected by the AMADEus Steering Committee and invited at the University of Bordeaux for giving a seminar, meeting the AMADEus researchers and drafting a research project to be implemented in hosting laboratories. The final selection will be made by the AMADEus International Advisory Panel, Steering Committee and Board of Trustees.