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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx AMADEusCluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

Excellence in research

With the integration of outstanding skills and infrastructure at a single location, AMADEus will create value by pushing back the frontiers of knowledge. Researchers in AMADEus will have a complete environment for exercising their expertise. Visiting positions will be available throughout the year, as well as specific training sessions and frequent symposia.

The Objectives

Perform project-oriented outstanding research and engineering at the frontier of knowledge for advanced materials by focusing at the crossroads of the targeted research areas of the AMADEus program:

  • Printable/Flexible Organic Electronics;
  • Nanostructured Metamaterials;
  • Bio-cooperative/Bioactive Materials.

The Strategy

  • An interdisciplinary approach will be adopted as needed for the materials science and engineering by puting into work the existing key transversal competences of the AMADEus ecosystem:
  • Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering;
  • Soft Matter Physics;
  • Virtual Materials.
New transversal competences will be implemented/complemented wherever is needed.

The Resources

  • Financial: 13 M€ for the period of the next ten years should be at least tripled by muching funds and proceeds of the intellectual property and other incomes
  • Human: The research staff members of the partner laboratories and the academic staff of the University
  • Infrastructure: The research laboratories of the University, CNRS and Industry whenever collaboration exists

The Implementation

  • A consolidated and detailed research program will be build and submitted to International Advisory Panel (IAP) during the next three months before Christmas
  • The IAP will meet at the earliest the second week of January 2012
  • Implementation of the project(s) around the spring of 2012

Tools : World-Class characterization platforms

  • AMADEus will offer technological platforms for materials’ characterization and research:
  • Electron microscopy facility (CREMEM) with high-performance microscopes: (HR-)TEM, STEM, cryo-SEM,
    (HR-)SEM, environmental SEM, X-EDS analysis, EELS;
  • Surface characterization facility (CeCaMA) with electron probe microanalyzer, X-ray and UV photoelectron spectroscopy, Auger electron spectroscopy and AFM techniques;
  • Structural biology facility (IECB service), including high magnetic field liquid and solid NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, X-ray diffraction (SAXS and WAXS), surface plasmon resonance, molecular dynamics and digital simulations, biochemistry, cell sorting and chromatography
  • In the framework of "Investissements d’Avenir", the EquipEx ELORPrinTec (led by Pr. Georges Hadziioannou), related to a facility for Printed Organic Electronics, has been selected for funding (10 M€), and will represent a world-class equipment for AMADEus, as will the XyloChem platform from the « XyloForest » EquipEx (INRA).

Materials are key components for the products manufactured by almost all industrial sectors. In fact, many 21st century innovations will depend on the development of new materials, with increasingly...

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